Fitting PV panels
  • Fitting the grid connect photovoltaic kit on the roof
  • The solar panels and rack are black anodized aluminum
  • Over 3 kW of solar electricity
  • Manufactured by in Germany
Making photovoltaic panels at Centrosolar Germany
  • Photovoltaic panels use sunlight to make electricity
  • PV modules (solar panels) are very durable and long lasting
  • They can withstand severe weather, including extreme heat, cold and hail stones
Complete solar panel package
  • The complete solar panel package
  • Sixteen 205 to 215 Wp solar panels
  • Systems ranges from 3.28 to 3.44 kWp
  • Up to 26 years performance warranty

Solar Electric Panel Kit

The new complete package from Centrosolar Germany consists of 16 quality solar panels, each with a capacity of 205 to 215 Wp, an inverter, as well as a suitable mounting system for on-roof installations.

Made in Germany

Reliable, durable and with a particularly high yield the photovoltaic complete systems from Centrosolar AG are the first choice throughout Europe for all performance classes and roof types.

All the components come on one pallet

A complete high-quality PV system with convenient delivery as all the components are on one pallet. The system components have been specially developed to guarantee optimum yields under nearly all conditions.

Pleasing to the eye

The installation is entirely black in colour and owing to its modular structure, is suitable for almost all roof types and surfaces. The system comes with a 10-year product guarantee on all components.

Over 3,000 Watts

The specially selected components, combined with the special anti-reflective solar glass from Centrosolar GmbH, ensure maximum system output. The total nominal output of the system ranges from 3.28 to 3.44 kWp

Simple and fast mounting.

Comprehensive documentation allows for an accurate installation even without a special background in photovoltaics. Seamless installation of the modules using special mounting technology.

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